2008 Massachusetts Ballot Initiative ("Question 1") to End the Income Tax

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Waste In The Massachusetts State Budget

Examples of Massachusetts government waste:

- The Big Dig
- $6 billion excess/year in exorbitant government employee retirement pay
- $billions excess/year in government employee medical benefits
- Double-dipping pensions
- $1B hand-outs for multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies
- $100k/yr sign painters on Massachusetts Turnpike
- $70k/yr toll takers on Massachusetts Turnpike
- $138 million handout to multi-millionaire movie stars
- $150 million paid to business lobby group for work worth $12 million
- Theft of Longfellow Bridge parts, cash machines, cash registers
- Public land giveaways to developers

to mention just a few...

"41% Waste" in Massachusetts State Gov't Spending

Survey reveals voters' view of state government waste of taxpayer dollars.

“One factor contributing to voters’ pessimistic views toward the direction of the state is their perception that state government wastes more than 41% of their tax dollars.” 

"On average, Massachusetts voters estimate that the state government wastes 41 cents out of every dollar in state taxes that they pay. Even voters who think the state is headed in the right direction feel that more than one-third of their tax dollars are being wasted."


"How many CENTS out of every dollar you pay in state taxes would you say is WASTED by the state government?”


From All Voters: $0.41 of every dollar is wasted by government

From Voters who believe that the state is heading in the Right Direction: $0.35 of every dollar is wasted by government

From Voters who believe that the state is headed in the Wrong Direction: $0.45 of every dollar is wasted by government

Source: April 2008 Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates survey exposing public opinion over government waste in Massachusetts; released by Citizens for Limited Taxation.